The way we, as a company, communicate and grow a relationship with each and every single one of our customers has significantly changed during the last few years, encouraging new companies to step up their ways and improve their very own systems.

Writing down every client’s contact number, email and any other relevant information in an Excel sheet is already an outdated method that isn’t suitable for your company's unique necessities.

A CRM, also known as a Customer Relationship Management is a new tool or method that allows companies of all sizes to be able to storage, track down and analyze data related to their current and future customers.

By using this relatively new software you can have access to many benefits that will ultimately not only improve your relationship with your clients, but impulse your company into achieving its sell goals in a much faster, quicker and organized way.

For these reasons your company should have a CRM

#1: It keeps all of your client’s data in one place

Names, phone numbers, emails, their job description, every major and minor piece of information regarding your customer is safely stored and saved in one single place.

A good CRM acts as a directory where you can find and easily view any information you might need to know about your current and future clients. It eradicates the need to have multiple excel sheets as phone directories, and helps you migrate all this relevant data into an useful, organized profile you can set up for each client.

#2: It helps you keep track of every interaction ever made

The reason why it is so hard to keep a good, healthy relationship with our clients is because as a company, we aren’t organized enough to keep track of ever single interaction ever made and their respective results.

A Customer Relationship Management software allows you and every collaborator to view all the latest interaction made with an specific client, and even look back to all the previous times someone has tried to contact each client. Not only that, but you can even see any comments others collaborators might have said about the interaction.

#3: It gives you a platform that supports cross-selling and up-selling activities

By keeping a constant eye on your clients and understanding how are they responding to your efforts to contact them, will allow you to engage in cross-selling and upselling activities.

This means being able to use the relevant information at your favor to sell them products that either compliment the service/product you’re already offering them, or encourage them to level up into an upgraded version of the service being provided.

#4: It allows you to analyze all the collected data

Perhaps the main reason why you should have a CRM or customer Relationship Management software resides on being able to analyze all the collected data regarding your current and future customers.

Based on the information each collaborator introduces to the system about each client, you’ll get a deep analysis regarding customer behaviour that will give you an insight on how well you’re doing and whether or not all the effort you’re putting into maintaining a healthy relationship with each client is paying off.

#5: It helps you increase sales

Of course, the main reason why every company implements a CRM is to ultimately raise their sells in a short amount of time. This is possible due to the constant tracking for each client’s profile.

Not only that, but a CRM software allows you as a company to turn an average contact number into a lead and then into a solid, regular customer, while being able to track down their process until they become part of your customer list.

Without a doubt a Customer Relationship Management software is the most effective way to achieve a great relationship with our customers while also turning contacts into leads that will ultimately become more sales. All of this by just using one single platform.


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