Sales are a fundamental pillar in every company since without it, the company can not be maintained.

The importance of having an effective sales process is vital and hand in hand with the sales team we will be able to focus the resources on the optimum fulfillment of each sales process following with the business parameters on the expected operation of each flow of work.

Sales analysis is important in order to carry out an effective sales process on what each company expects from sales fulfillment.

With the sales strategy you can create customized analysis in the corporate CRM with specific metrics on goals.

For example, we could filter by user or department and by type of account so that you can see the sale user with more closed sales, the user with more contacts made, number of contacts created and contacted, among others as appropriate.

This functionality would be available at all times without depending on month closures or pending invoices.
It will be possible to export each generated report and send it to other users with the updated comments.

As a direct advantage you will be able to have a flexible tool for your business allowing you to configure, generate and export different reports from the information you require by module or filter in a safe and effective way.

Users could be notified of their progress and goals achieved by providing excellent customer service.

Having a platform designed for sales could increase the productivity of your team with information available and updated in real time.
As a channel of communication, it would be able to notify users about any changes or new strategic reach with customers.

Depending on your type of business the CRM could focus on sales processes and their optimal fulfillment.

As a department supervisor you could filter the less-sold products or contacts with few follow-ups and generate strategies focused on each interest.

If a product has not been sold as expected it could make exclusive promotions to contacts that have business opportunities created by pushing the close of sale in the shortest possible time.

It would create a competitive environment among users by extracting personalized statistics on each performance with notifications about the progress of each goal.


We can conclude that the analysis of the sales team with the help of the CRM will bring assured benefits achieving the company's departmental and operational objectives.

With an automated tool not only would give the company more value by effective processes but manage to communicate to all users in a direct, fast and transparent way.

Currently with Rootnet we seek to facilitate the processes that involve the management of the relationship of its clients with modules focused and adapted to any type of business.

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