• Rootnet Kiosk para CRM

    Register or update participants in your events with Rootnet Kiosk. It is equipped with both a manual and an automated process that facilitates its use. It can also be customized based on your specific needs. Rootnet Kiosk provides:

    • Manual or automatic registration of event participants.
    • Assistance management.
    • Payment confirmation.
    • Duplicate record detection.
    • Splash screen for inactivity.
    • Security and permission control.
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  • OCR

    With our Optical Character Recognition plug-in, you can convert scanned documents, PDF files or document photos into editable and searchable data.

    The main difference with a scanner is that it allows us to digitize a physical document, but not edit it later in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Therefore, you need OCR software that selects the image content, processes it, and then allows access to the content through a search. Currently, this plugin is used to register participants in an event with the Kiosk app.

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  • Web client for Gmail

    With this plugin, you can easily manage certain Rootnet CRM functions directly from your email. You can check any email address previously registered in the CRM, or if it is not already registered, quickly add it to your contacts and in this way capture the information to automatically add to the CRM.

    The same plugin allows you to differentiate which emails are already in the CRM and which ones are not.

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