• Rootnet Kiosk para CRM

    Register or update participants in your events quickly and easily with Rootnet Kiosk.Our Rootnet kiosk is equipped with a manual and automated process that facilitates the participant's update or registration to a specific event, either on the same day or for future events. Rootnet kiosk can also be used in custom ways, according to the specifications provided by the clients.Rootnet kiosk provides:

    • Manual registration of participant to events
    • Automatic registration of participants through OCR
    • Confirm payments
    • Event attendance and as many other options as you need to be marked
    • Duplicate records detection
    • Splash screen for inactivity
    • Security and controlled permission
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  • OCR

    With our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) add-on, you can convert scanned documents, PDF files or a photo of a document into editable and searchable data.

    Suppose you have a physical document such as a business card or PDF agreement that you just received by email, if we use a scanner it will not be enough for that information to be available for editing in google docs or word. A scanner can help you with a document scanning, but it will be no more than an image, that is why to extract and reuse data from scanned documents, camera images or PDF image files, you need an OCR software that selects the image content, processes it, and then allow access to the content through a search.

    Currently, the rootstack plugin is used to register participants into an event using the KIOSK application. First, go to the KIOSK application and choose whether you want to register a new user or update an existing one, then select the event related to the participant, save the changes and choose the scan option for which you will need the document to be scanned. Start with the scan by pointing the device camera to the document, then wait a few seconds until the process is done. Finally, we can see the fields automatically completed with the participant information as a result of the OCR efficient work.

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  • Web client for Gmail

    With our Web Client for Gmail plugin you can easily manage certain features of Rootnet CRM in your email, without actually having to open up Rootnet CRM. It offers you a quick way to check up any emails that you might have already included in your CRM, and if not, quickly add them to your contacts.

    This way, you can grab any email you might have on your Gmail and automatically include it to your CRM. Our plugin automatically searches for the relationship between the email accounts on your Gmail and the ones on Rootnet CRM and lets you know which one you should add, and which ones are already on your lists. Quick, easy to do, and useful, get our plugin now.

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