Our Rootnet Suite can help manage your business in the banking industry by automating processes to transform the customer experience into a simple, useful and efficient process. Specifically, there are many benefits that can come from the different Rootnet Suite modules, such as:Adopt Single Sign-On for Solutions to Your Clients and/or Internal PlatformsWith Rootnet Sync you can use single sign-on for all your bank solutions.

With Rootnet CRM's sales force module, a retail company is closer to maintaining a competitive advantage thanks to the tools offered by the module. This allows you to consolidate all customer and sales information through a simple and effective system. In addition, this solution allows a company to have faster access to the economic prospects of its clients by improving sales and quickly converting potential clients into regular clients.

With the Mautic add-on for the Rootnet CRM, retail companies can automate their marketing campaigns, counting on our CRM + Mautic to do automated segmentation based on the sales behavior of their customers. Mainly, it may seem that the greatest benefit of this add-on is simply to automate the sending of campaigns, but in reality it represents a tool for the overall productivity of the company. By merging all of these tools, different departments, especially marketing and sales, can manage different processes and campaigns while the mechanical work is done by itself.

Rootnet + Mautic's joint efforts create a unique strategy that can be programmed and customized for each specific segment based on their interests or what stage of conversion they are in.Upon entering Mautic, the user locates his connection to the platform. Consider that for this step and the next steps, the user must have previously installed Mautic to obtain the necessary credentials to establish the integration.Here the user chooses between 2 options, “User Defined” or “Automatic Rule Set”User Defined are one-to-one rules.

Within the Retail Industry there is such a large amount of products, contacts, and processes that are managed by a single company that it becomes a necessity to be able to give that added value to customers with special discounts and promotions.The best way to differentiate between the competition is through an automated tool, such as Rootnet, which can help automate processes, such as customer relationships and merchandise approval processes with your suppliers, thus providing a complete and personalized experience.

Adopting a CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is just the very first step into improving your current relationship with your regular clients while working on generating more leads.

However, getting one of these softwares (Like Rootnet CRM) isn’t enough if you don’t learn how to properly use it and get all of your team involved in the platform for them to learn too.

We understand the word investment might scare away small and medium companies who aren’t ready to keep on spending money on yet another software solution they don’t fully understand how to navigate.

However, a Customer Relationship Management software is necessary, not only for huge companies that have to handle with over 100+ clients, but for small companies who are just starting as well.


Software consultancy is a great idea for companies that are looking to get a different point of view that helps them improve the way they are working and how they are handling customers.

Think about software consultants as experts that that will help you determine what you have to do to improve your business, and how a CRM can help you achieve your goals.

A Customer Relationship Management software can be a great tool to automatically increase your sales, however, this only happen if your team knows how to adapt this solution properly.

Companies adapting a CRM in the hopes to increase their sales, but their salesforce team not being able to actually use it properly, is something extremely common, having a very low conversion rate.


We have talked before about what a CRM is, and what Rootnet CRM can do for you. But to put it in simple words, a Customer Relationship Management tool is simply an online platform that can help you increase your sales.