Users Quantity



My plan

Intranet Community

$10.00 Monthly

(Free for 30 days)

  • Creating user profiles
  • Generating roles and departments
  • Assigning responsibilities to roles
  • Adding multiple roles and departments to each user
  • Advanced search filters
  • News feed
  • Feedback section for each user
  • Overview of each department and its collaborators

Intranet Resourcing

$15.00 Monthly

(Free for 30 days)

  • Definition of projects, roles and tasks of your work team
  • Automatic notifications of new tasks
  • Project management oriented to hour tracking
  • Management of team resources
  • Automation of confirmations about the work done
  • Simple interface to align your team every week

Intranet Projects

$50.00 Monthly

(Free for 30 days)

  • Administración 
  • Configuración y creación del módulo de proyectos
  • Asignación de actividades
  • Definición de niveles de responsabilidad
  • Seguimiento de tareas

Intranet Workflows

$75.00 Monthly

(Free for 30 days)

  • Purify workflows from unnecessary steps and processes
  • Creating workflows with statuses for each phase
  • Tracking of consumed hours / remaining hours
  • Require approvals at each step of the workflow
  • Workflows activity history
  • Leave comments and annotations on the workflow profile
  • Overview of workflow status
  • Filter workflow search by type, date and state
  • History of changes made by users

Aggregated services



1. Rootnet Shared Server


2. Rootnet VPS Server


3. Rootnet On Premise Installation


Customer Service

1. Rootnet Live Support



1. Kiosk Base


2. Firma Digital Validated ID