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Questions to ask before implementing an integration system
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Which is the correct integration strategy for a company?

The company must justify an integration recommendation to benefit vital B2B technology. On the other hand, you should avoid forcing something to extract missing functions and capabilities. Make sure your IT infrastructure is prepared for a system integration method that includes B2B, applications, data, and legacy infrastructure. Build a plan with your provider based on multiple benefits and their shortcomings.

What are the system requirements to complete the integration?

The data requirements may vary, but, here we present something standard: 

  1. Identify the qualified data as objective
  2. Define which tables and objects should be accessed
  3. Define rules to be followed by the data
  4. If necessary, the target model drives the design of a custom integration point

How does this integration process affect current and future systems?

A disjointed system composed of protocols, formats, technologies, and constantly evolving data patterns use variable can often cause a domino effect. An integration provider must be aware of this and have full real-time visibility of an IT infrastructure, even before a project starts.

The implementation of a new project will probably not be something unique, so you must take into account the scalability of the business and the IT ecosystems, as well as choose a system that offers the greatest flexibility, versatility, and future upgrade options.

What integration interface options to choose?

There are several connector options such as:

  • B2B 
  • EDI
  • RESTful
  • SOAP
  • Web services
  • Custom development

Depending on the chosen option, things like implementation, infrastructure, and design can be affected. An evaluation must be made between the different integration types. Your provider must bring details about the complexity of the function.

There is no doubt that there are many pieces that must fit when we want to carry out an IT infrastructure centralization. Assuming a project to solve the challenges posed by integration may seem complex, but if we address the integration issue with the correct planning and right strategy, then any inconveniences can be minimized and an early release will be ensured.