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Why Rootnet

Rootnet CRM

Rootnet CRM: centralize and organize information. Create and manage close and valuable relationships with your customers.


1. With account type changes you can see the history of your contacts changes. 

2. Your team will be able to visualize the life of your contact, for example: from contact to prospect, from pr...

Rootnet Intranet

Rootnet Intranet: simplify and connect your community. Enrich the company's culture while boosting productivity.


An extremely valuable factor to take into account are the profiles that each member, as part of a company, these should be kept in mind and clearly outlined. Through the list of profiles you can de...

Service Desk

Rootnet Service Desk: an effective solution for your issues. Boost the speed of your business by improving the process of requesting support and technical services.


All your tasks centralized in a single dashboard where you can see your information, record the time of the tasks, verify the status, the person in charge, the timeline in which it will be being wo...

Rootnet Sync

Rootnet Sync, synchronizes quickly and efficiently. Manage and allow communication between your systems with Rootnet Sync.

rootnet sync

Create and edit custom code for your processes using JavaScript.