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Rootnet Sync Integrations
rootnet sync

The Integrator module can connect the Rootnet suite with any platform, not only the already popular platforms that are with Rootnet, as well as Mautic, Mailchimp, etc. If not, the Integrator also works with any other platform as long as the client/user has the credentials of it. Like a module that manages to help integrate platforms, Integrator allows one to interact with more platforms with a web interface and to be able to share or synchronize data between platforms.

How does Integrator work?

An example of useful data to sync is clients. Integrator can be a great tool to be able to take your clients from one platform to another between which the company is growing or to be able to transfer all the data safely between which one migrates to different platforms.

Integrator has many benefits, mainly its flexibility. In this way, if there is something that is not in the processes (or a specific action), you can configure the logic you behind how you program the data and the type of transformation you want to obtain from such data. Also, when creating and managing all your integrations on a single platform, it is especially beneficial for a company how the Integrator updates information in real-time simply whenever you make a change on one of the platforms.