• Our Intranet products and solutions will help you improve all internal workflows and communication, fostering a collaborative culture and an active community.


    It provides a new way to manage each employee, their roles and the departments in which each one works. In addition, it has company news feeds and tools to provide feedback between employees and maintain constant communication.

    When a new user is created, he/she can be placed in the corresponding department and assigned primary or secondary roles as appropriate. In addition, they will have a personal profile where they can post relevant information about themselves and their positions.

    Simplify your processes, achieve high levels of productivity and reduce costs.


    Automating your workflows will allow you to optimize processes and visualize all your operations in a single interface. This way, you will boost productivity and minimize the margin of error.

    The Workflows interface makes it easy to see the elements of each flow and their progress, the status of each task, the steps to follow, the required approvals and the comments of the collaborators involved.

    In this way, assigning tasks and managing time and resources becomes a simple task, thanks to having everything in the same platform.

    Automate recruiting

    Recruitment is usually one of the most complex tasks in a company, a process full of steps to follow that can take a long time. With the Rootnet Intranet Jobs module, you can easily automate this process. In a list, you will see all the positions requested by each department of your company.

    Job Profile

    For each vacancy, you can create a profile, which describes the position that the company needs, the role that this professional is going to play, the skills that they must have, and the date on which they must be hired. This form also indicates how many vacancies there are for the same position and shows a detailed description of what the company needs.

    Streamline recruitment

    By automating recruitment, hiring is much faster as all candidate data is available on a single platform. Each profile can be associated with the recruiters in charge of monitoring the hiring. The recruiter will no longer have to go through the candidate profiles folder by folder as in the past.

    Organize your documentation

    This Rootnet Intranet Documentation submodule arises from the need to organize the documentation so that it is available on the same platform and the whole team can quickly consult or search for references.

    Standardize your processes

    Information and data give structure and direction to each company's actions, so the organization of this information is essential to maintain order in each of the processes executed by the teams.

    Create your documents quickly

    Just as you can upload files to the Documentation module, you can create documents directly on the platform. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The data requested when adding a document are the following: Title, Version, Type, Index, Category, and Author.

  • Rootnet Workflows

    Would you believe us if we told you that your company could be even more organized? With Rootnet Workflows we seek to centralize all your information and ensure that your company reaches the highest levels of productivity with an agile handling of tasks.

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  • Security

    We've built Rootnet thinking of security first. From communication with API's to individual deployments the information is safely encrypted and secured.

    We've built our code upon open source standards with a built-in firewall with ACL that secure individual database objects protecting how and who writes information into the database.


    From the start we considered building Rootnet with scalability and extensibility in mind. With a separate codebase for each company and a developer friendly API, there's no limit for any type of customizations you might need for your own company.

    Customer support

    Our customer support service representatives will help you with any question you might need. Use our Support system, which is built on Rootnet, to report an issue or ask a question.

    Scalable & reliable infraestructure

    By leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services, Rootnet runs on top of a flexible, highly scalable cloud website hosting solution.

    This allows us to instant access to vast amounts of computing power designed to handle massive volumes of data while keeping a secured, high-performance solution with 99.999999999% data durability and durable disaster recovery.

    Web, iOS & Android native apps

    Rootnet allows you to access all your data directly from your web browser of preference or smartphone. We’ve built native apps that are fast & provide a great experience.

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    With our Rootnet Workflows you can quickly simplify your processes, achieve high levels of productivity and reduce costs. Optimizing your wo...